Thursday, April 17, 2008

Q & A: "Should I be mad that she lied to me?"

Name: Jessica/Marietta
Question: Ok, so my friend knows that I am in love with this guy and she told me that she had no feelings at all for him when I asked her. I have liked him for a long time and we even dated for a while. So when I decided that I wanted to be with him again I told her. She told me that she hated him and thought that I should re-think what I was doing. The very same day she went to his house and messed around with him. To make matters worse I found out from someone else, and when she did tell me she didn't tell me the truth. So I told her that if she wanted him that bad I would back off for her to be happy. Should I have done this or not? Should I be mad that she lied to me?

Dear Jessica,

Hi there...Thanks for writing! Interesting situation you have there... To answer the two questions you have on the bottom of your message, Absolutely Not, and Absolutely! This "friend" lied to you, completely acted with disregard for your friendship to her or your feelings, and has blatantly acted behind your back. Even if things don't work out with this particular guy, at least you know that this friend is not a keeper. Get rid of her, go on with your life... It's too short to surround yourself with people you can't trust. Best of luck to you, and Happy New Year!

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