Thursday, April 17, 2008

Q & A: "I met this wonderful guy at my cousin's wedding"

Name: Diana
City: Chesapeake Beach
Question: I met this wonderful guy at my cousin's wedding in June. She lives two states away from me in North Carolina. I spent one night with him, and it was so wonderful. I felt like I knew him for a long time, even though I just met him. I left the next day to go to Florida. I get back to Maryland and to my surprise he calls me. But I never gave him my number or even said bye to him the next morning. He got my number from my cousin. Since then he has called me at least twice a week. He said he was coming to Maryland to see me. But I haven't heard from him in 2 weeks and I don't have his telephone number. He only has my phone number. What should I do? Every time I talked to him, he made me feel that he had feelings for me. But now I am not so sure. I like to think maybe he will show up at my doorstep as a surprise. He was coming up with my cousin, so I figure he will. But who knows! So what do you think I should do? Please help me. Thank you for your time.

Hi Diana,

Thanks for writing...It sounds like you had a singular encounter that turned out to be more romantic than you had thought...It seems like this person does like you since he actually worked at getting your number and has been keeping in touch with you. My advice is that you should get his number from your cousin and take some initiative instead of always waiting around. You left that morning thinking everything was just a one-night-stand, and he has pursued you...So you know that his interest level is definitely there. However, if you never show any interest back other than allowing him to talk to you and you not trying to communicate back, he might think you are a lost cause. Get on the phone and make things happen if you want them to. The only thing that
is holding you back from allowing this to grow is You...I hope it all works out for you...Take care, and please spread the word about the site...

Name: Kristen
City: Medford
Question: I have a problem... I tend to throw up after I eat. I don't do it all the time just once maybe 4 times a week. I don't think I am fat, but for some reason it seems to relieve stress or something. Please tell if me if I have a problem and what to do. I am so ashamed to ask anyone about it. Please help I am starting to get dizzy spells and I am really scared, but I cant stop, I need help...

Hi Kristen,

Thanks for writing...Well, it seems like you summed it all up right there...You do need help. If you have some kind of Bulimic tendencies, get yourself into a program right away...You might be ashamed to speak about it to someone in person, but it needs to be done. You said yourself that you realize it's a problem and that it doesn't make sense as to why it's recurring...You are now getting dizzy spells to boot...I'm not right next door where I can drive you to the doctor. But you have taken the initiative to realize your problem and ask for assistance...that's excellent. Now finish the course and speak to a doctor/psychiatrist about it. It may be a physiological problem, but I think it might be more mental than physical. Either way, it's for a professional to decide on...I hope this helps, and I'm proud of you for recognizing your condition and asking for help...Now go get some. Good luck to you, and don't be a stranger...

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