Thursday, April 17, 2008

Q & A: "I have problem communicating with my boyfriend"

Name: May
City: San Francisco
Question: I have problem communicating with my boyfriend. He doesn't seem to care about me. The thing is he's never there when I need him. when he need me I'm always there. He use to be sweet not any more. he spend more time with his friend then he did with me. I think he's cheating on me with another woman. I need your advice. what should I do? should I leave him and look for another guy. I'm not happy like I used to be. help!

Hi May,

Thanks for writing...But now, seriously go back and read what you wrote...Your answer is right there in front of you! I obviously don't have to say anything as you already know the answer, but for the sake of hearing it from someone else - Drop this loser. He doesn't listen to you, he's never there for you, he doesn't care about you, he's cheating on you...No Brainer...Go on, live your life, and be happy. Best of luck, and please spread the word about the site...

Name: Cassie
City: Columbia
Question: Please help me ok there is this guy that I went out with for about 4 months and it was fine but then we broke up. But now I we both think that we still have feelings for each other so were gonna get together sometime the problem is that he's older then me but I think I still really like him. Should I go back out with him? and if yes do you have any advice on how I can make this relationship work? THANK you so so much

Hi Cassie,

Thanks for writing...Your situation is really hard for me to gauge. You said things were going along fine and then you two split...why? Any good reason? I'm just a little skeptical as you say this person's older than you (but I'm not sure by how much). If he's substantially older than you, then I'd be wary. You might be putting yourself in a position to be used and left, and that's certainly not what you want out of life. 4 months is not a very long time to go out, and if you had substantial enough problems to split after such a short time, I'd be a little gun-shy about diving into another relationship with this person. Whatever the reason was for the breakup, it was serious enough to end your being a couple. Sometimes, it's best left alone after something like that happens. Focus on yourself, work towards bettering yourself and your future, and be with someone who shares your likes, loves, and dreams...Remember - you most likely want to grow old with someone special...If this guy is way ahead of you in age, then you won't really be growing old with him. He'll be showing you the way, and you'll be taking care of him...It's for you to decide what kind of future you want before you make any long-term emotional investments...I hope this helps, and best of luck...Please spread the word about the site!

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