Saturday, March 22, 2008

Single Life Has An Upside

When thinking of single life, most people think of singles as people looking to “find that special someone”. But, not everyone is happy in the confines of a relationship. Single life doesn’t have to be lonely, or sad. You control your own happiness.
Night life can be so much fun as a single. There’s the freedom of what to wear, were to go, and how late you can stay out. No one will be waiting up to scold you about going out to have a great time.
The great thing about being single is that you can really check out life. There are so many amazing things you can see and do before you settle down. You can take a cruise, back pack across Europe, explore the wild, or just plain do what you want. This may raise the question, ‘why can’t you do this with someone you’re dating?’ Well, you can, but the point is you don’t have to b with someone to enjoy the fruits of life.
A wonderful upside to single life is dating. Meeting great guys or gals that you never would have known had you not gone out with them. By all means if you stumble across that special person hang onto them. In the meantime however, down get down on your self for being single. Get out there and do what makes you happy.
You need to keep in mind that you are not the only single person out there. There are singles bars, magazines, and there are chat rooms for everyone. So even if you don’t want to actually meet anyone, but you would still like some conversation, you could look on line for someone to talk to. Just remember to have fun and be safe no matter what you do.

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