Monday, March 31, 2008

Massage Parlors

A Massage Parlor, you go in, you come out, but what happens when you are in there?

To somebody who has never been in a Massage Parlor, the facades seem sleazy and strange. I know before I went to work in one I thought they were places where girls were sold in to white slavery, full of big burly men, smoking cigars and laughing for no reason. You know the scene, a bit like a really old movie.

What I found instead were really nice 'normal' people, a nice set-up and no threats on my personal space unless I invited it. Now look, before I get inundated with emails telling me tales about the hardship of Thai girls and the like, I know, some places are real dives, but I was lucky, and did not allow myself to be in a position where I did not feel safe. But anyway, back to the customer. What can you expect and hope for when you go to a parlor.

If you have never been to a parlor before and want to go in your home town, talk to some of your mates, the local taxi driver, or somebody who might frequent these places If you are a visitor to a town that has a parlor, ask a taxi driver, or try and get into conversation with a hotel porter or bar person. Locals will know the best places to go, even if it takes a bit to get them to admit it.

Now in most massage parlors you are genuinely paying for a massage. A lot of places have sauna, steam and pool facilities as well as a lounge where you can watch TV, or porno movies. In the state where I worked, the desk was paid for the massage, and I negotiated 'extras' with clientèle within the time frame of the massage. The money I made in the room was mine, but I was not given any of the massage money. Now a lot of places operate like this, so if you genuinely want a massage you would be better to go to a gym or a health place. Ladies can get a bit 'shirty' if they think they have to massage you and they are not making anything out of it. If nothing else tipping is actively encouraged.

Now another thing is that in many places it is illegal for a girl to solicit money for sexual acts, yet it is not illegal for her to perform them or be paid for them. What this means is she can?t ask you straight out is you want sex for money. It would pay to check out the laws of the State you are in, but solicitation itself is illegal in a lot of places. If you have something in mind you can ask her. But I am getting ahead of myself.

When you are ready you are taken to your room with the girl of your choice. Bear in mind, I can only tell you what I used to do, but most ladies operate in the same way. So let's pretend it is me (I hope I am your type J). I would take you through to the room, and lock the door behind us both. Where I work we have our own shower and spa pool, plus a large massage ?bed?, with a small table beside. This is where I keep massage oil (it is usually baby oil), talcum powder, and a box of tissues. I wear lingerie so it does not take me long to get undressed. I like for you to have a shower first, and yes I will wash your back. Don't be embarrassed if it is your first time. I will be able to tell, but it is not a problem. I will ask you if you would like to hop in the spa pool with me if you are booked in for an hour. (Note here - no ladies 'massage' for an hour - they would be knackered by the end of the night). That can be a lot of fun, the bubbles are quite a sensuous experience. The spa pool is also a real ice breaker - you can ask anything you like in this intimate atmosphere.

If you are only booked for half an hour, we will probably forgo the spa and move straight to the massage table. Do you like oil or powder? Oil is a nicer massage, but powder is easier to wash off, the choice is yours. I start to massage you with you laying on your belly, from the bottom of your feet. I will move up your calves and thighs, paying particular attention to your inner thighs, and then up to your buttocks. Meanwhile we are talking, about sex. I can feel you squirm beneath my touch, and I take this opportunity to ask if there is 'anything' else you were wanting with your massage. Intercourse itself is not the only thing on offer. You can have a hand relief, or body massage, oral sex, or I can take you 'around-the-world'. A hand relief will cost you about $45.00, a body massage will be $60, oral sex is $80 and intercourse is $100. 'Around-the-world' is $120.00* and involves all of the above, a little bit of hand, a slide up your body (by me) and then back down again, for a bit of oral, and then when I think you can not bear it any more, I will move on top of you for sex. It is quite an experience.

Or are you looking for something a little more adventurous? I am the type of girl that will not say 'no' to anything, but you will be charged more. I will be happy to be your slave, or your mistress, you can cross dress (I have the equipment), I will happily play with toys of all shapes and sizes for your amusement. Are you a back-door fan or have you ever had a golden shower? Do you like a bit of rough stuff? Bondage? Or are you looking for a spanking because you have been such a naughty boy? Are you into a three-some? If you want to pay for a second girl, we will put on a lesbian show, just for you, you can join in. All things are negotiable, you just have to ask.

I know a lot of you men are shy, and not sure how to ask for things special. I try and make things easier while we are massaging, by asking you about your fantasies. Don't feel bashful, I don't know who you are, and it is your choice if you ever want to see me again, so just spill it out. That way I have some idea on what it is that turns you on. If you are going to stay quiet about things, then you could get disappointed. Ladies like us are not going to think you are weird, or sick, or anything else, this is the one place you can share your true fantasies.

Don't worry about watching your watch. We ladies know to a second when a half, three quarter or hour segment is up. You won't feel rushed, but we have a schedule to keep. You will be finished in time to have a shower, be dressed, and out the door, all in good time.

A word of advice here, condoms. Before you immediately think, 'no, I don't like them', think of this. The girls who do use them are conscientious about their health, and will take better care of yours. The girls that can be talked into not using them, even if they say they normally do, usually don't. They are looking for a fast dollar, without any thought for the consequences. No matter how urgent your need, I would suggest prudence is the better part of valor, and you get a different girl, or another place. The last thing you want to do is die, for your visit.

So the deed is done, now what? Well that depends on the time you have left and how you feel. It is OK just to shower, say thanks and walk out. It is also OK to sit and chat for a while, although a business-like person will probably try to get you to move on, so she can get to another client. In most places you are still welcome to use the facilities after your massage time. The whole thing is up to you. Many places have a discreet back entrance and you can be on your way, off into the real world, but hopefully, if your girl was good, you will have a smile on your face.

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