Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fun Things to Do on a Date: 35 Date Ideas

Are you looking forward to your next date, but don’t know where to go? There’s so many things that you can suggest to your date that are fun. Not all dates have to be glamorous. Having fun and being together is what’s really important. Here are a few suggestions that will help you decide where to take your date.

Buy concert, sports or theater tickets.

Go to dinner and a movie. Where to eat and what movie to see can be decided over the phone. Try to choose a restaurant and a movie that you both will enjoy.

Go for a moonlit walk along a beach or in a public garden. Sit and let the soothing sound of a fountain lull you as you sit and enjoy each other’s company while the fragrance of nature’s perfume drifts across the night breeze.

If you both like being active in the great outdoors, go miniature golfing, horseback riding or whitewater rafting.

Reserve a spot on a dinner cruise, or ride a ferry, riverboat or steamboat.

Take the train to a busy city and spend the day shopping and seeing the sights.

Take a scenic train ride through the mountains.

Pack a picnic and spend the day at the beach.

If it’s winter, build a snowman, go sledding or spend the night ice skating at a dimly lit rink.

Take an evening car ride into the country. Star gaze and catch a few fireflies. Run through a meadow or wade barefoot in a stream.

If it’s the holiday season, take in a light display at a local park or spend the evening searching for the perfect tree and then put it up and decorate it.

Take a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh or go for a hayride.

Take a romantic ride in a horse and carriage.

Rent a limousine for the evening. Drive around town and see the sights. Have dinner at a posh restaurant and take in a concert or play.

Visit places that you both enjoyed during your childhood.

Roast marshmallows over an open fire. If city bylaws prohibit open fires, roast marshmallows in a fireplace or even over the burner of your stove.

Snuggle up on a blanket in front of the fireplace and idle away the time with pleasant conversation or read a book of poetry.

Have a pillow fight.

Feed the ducks at a pond in a local park.

Pick fruit at a local orchard, and then enjoy sharing it. Have strawberries and chocolate or feed each other cherries off the stem.

Take a walk a search for four-leaf clovers.

Go for a ride in a hot air balloon.

Go swimming, water skiing or sailing. Afterwards stroll along the beach hand-in-hand and search for seashells.

Go to the local zoo and enjoy the antics of the animals.

Take your kites to the local park and spend the day kiting.

Go bowling for a couple of hours of fun and exercise.

Spend the night at a drive-in movie.

Go deep sea fishing, diving or snorkeling.

Window shop at a local mall. Check out stores that you haven’t explored before.

Borrow a convertible and go cruising, or attend a local “cruise night.”

Volunteer at a soup kitchen or help a charity organization deliver blankets and food to the homeless.

Visit a children’s hospital and take along a few stuffed toys. Enjoy the looks on the children’s faces when you give them the toys.

Go to the park and play baseball or Frisbee.

Visit a nearby city that either of you have never been to before, or visit an area of your city that you haven’t explored.

Have a snowball fight, ride go-carts, act like kids and have a lot of fun.

Use your imagination and ask your date for their input. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money or go on a big date. The point of dating is to spend time together and get to know one another. Have fun and be yourself.

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