Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dating Tips for Guys

Doing things for the first time is often a difficult task. Usually, in some situations, after getting through the first time, the next time will become easier. This may be untrue to dating. When dating a different person you will always have to readjust yourself. You would need to figure out how to always make the date be fun when dating something new.

In fact, dating could be considered one of the most complex first things to do. It could be rated way up there together with learning to bike for the first time. You will get some wounds and bruises, you may not get the girl you like enjoy the date, but after a few more tries, the problems become fewer. Here are some tips that can make you feel more at ease with first dates.

The usual first date is a way for both parties to know more about one another. So the date will usually be an intimate dinner followed by a movie or coffee. Since it is a first date, it will be pretty nerve racking for some. But if you try to get your mind set right and follow some basic rules all can get smoothly. Here are some tips for both men and women as to how to make conversation easier.


  • Learn more about her work. After, try to dig deeper if she’s open about her desire and goals. This immediately shows that you are willing to respect and help her out.
  • She will really appreciate it when you give her a compliment. She gave a whole lot of time just to look pretty for you.
  • Try to listen about the similarities you had and base your conversations or future things to do on that. You may also see how compatible you are.
  • Be prepared with easy subjects to talk about in case your mind goes black. Prepare subjects such as movies, music and food.
  • Before displaying your values and beliefs, try to check what hers are first.
  • Forget about yourself the whole time. The whole date is making sure that she’s the center of your attention.
  • The two most important things are that you make sure listen for the whole time and don’t act like a jerk by bull shitting stuff.
  • We can’t help to be horny men. So when her breasts are rocking, make your eyes stare at something else.
  • When the date is going well, it is obvious to know when to make some moves.
  • Be confident and make great eye contacts.

Guys, these tips are really not that complex. It would be pretty easy to follow these basic guidelines. Remember that you would only need to sacrifice a few dates and afterwards, you can now go back to being a regular jerk.

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