Saturday, March 22, 2008

Break Up Phases

Remember all the happy times you had when you where together? When you were in love? Here’s a reality check for some people. Not all relationships could end up happily ever after. When you put your heart out, there will always be a risk involved. There’s a risk involved that you might end up separated. When that happens all the happy memories have just been broken like a glass mirror.

When it breaks like a glass mirror the pain of stepping into the shreds of glass will also be included. The pain of breaking up is very hard. This is especially true if you have been taken by surprise. But if you both mutually agree the pain could be minimized.

After breakup, a person will usually enter into various stages. The 1st or earliest stage of the breakup will be the mist painful. Like every wounds though, time will heal all things.

One of the earliest stages of a breakup is the denial stage. This stage makes a person still have a hard time admitting that it is over already. People at this stage will usually make ways to just get a glimpse of their ex. Hoping to take a glimpse makes them believe that the pain will be resolved. This is quite the opposite though. When you keep on checking on your ex, it shows that you are not able to move on. The real way to recover from it is that you should face facts. That ear in your life is over, move on.

The hardest stage of the whole break-up is when we have finally accepted the fact that it really is over. This is because after thinking that it really is over, you will naturally feel depressed and hopeless. When you get depressed or hopeless, you will lose control of the things you’d do with ease. To get past this stage, try to remember the times when you were single. Think about the times in your life that were fun when you were single. How you can be able to do things without her.

If for some reason the breakup was really bad, it is natural to experience anger. The anger you have is a great way to relive all the tensions. When you get angry during this stage, try to be angry at yourself too. Think about all the things you went wrong and your ex has gone wrong and just learn from them.

Finally, it is important to learn to accept the reality. If you think about it, there may be a better someone for you out there or the two of you just are not right as of the moment. But will eventually fix things together in the distant future.

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